Three shower booths are available in the basement. The clothing room is widely set, you can use it with confidence because you can lock with the key from inside. You can also use washing machine, dryer and vending machine (charged) together.地下1F脱衣所




You can check-in and check out at the front desk. Then we will explain how to use hostel in short. In addition, if you have any questions like facilities, shops in the nearby, please do not hesitate to ask anything. I will correspond politely.




It is free to use the lounge space after check-in  (※you consecutive guests are going out once please for the cleaning 10: 00 to 15: 00) . Since we are preparing kitchens, microwave ovens, personal computers, cartoons, coffee machines (fee) etc as well as refrigerators and TV, it is a space that you can relax not only for sightseeing purpose but also for business use.




We have 3 rooms for private. There are two types of room, one is regular type and another one is  widely room. Of course couples, parents with children and just one person are available. These are very popular room, so we recommend early reservation in advance.




This is women’s exclusive floor. People who are staying at the guest house for the first time can also stay comfortable and safe. We have two type of rooms, two private rooms and a dormitory room (capacity is 4 people). Powder room is 4 floor but if you are a women are staying different floor, you can also use powder room (hair iron and hair dryer and so on) .レディースドミトリーレディースドミトリーレディースシングルルーム パウダールーム



This is a mixed dormitory room that you can use for up to 16 people. It is a dormitory with a cabin style and an original bunk bed. It is covered with thick walls on the top and sides as well, and you can secure privacy by closing the blackout curtain. Regarding the management of luggage, there are drawers with numbers underneath the bed and locking with padlocks is possible. Proof, outlet, mini shelf and hanger are installed in each bed. This is recommended for those who want to stay cheaply.ミックスドミトリーミックスドミトリーミックスドミトリー引出し